About Hannele

Kippens, Newfoundland, Canada.

I:   Grew up in rural Maine on a lake; had graduating high school class of 47 people; went to RIT to learn photography; studied art history and Italian language in Florence; lived in a camper down by the river for 2 summers photographing white water rafters; had the worst driving experience Pireas, Greece; explored Etruscan tombs all over Tuscany and felt a little bit like Indiana Jones; have a visceral fear of all snakes even the little non-poisonous ones; own two little Boston Terriers and love them unconditionally; enjoy riding bikes to wineries near my home; stood at the Washington Monument for Obama’s Inauguration and loved every minute of it; road tripped all over the country during childhood summers (family of 4 in a small VW + a tent); have a love for maps and figuring out the most scenic and/or efficient way to get places; have a very long “bucket list”and make a point to check a few items off every year; have a mom that still mails homemade cookies to my door; grow vegetables & herbs; practice yoga; don’t like passive aggressiveness; collect art & photography books, am usually the quiet one in most groups, listen to people, still have friends I met in kindergarten, am an aunt to three lovely girls, love Italian food but have a husband who is tragically allergic to tomatoes, am always up for an adventure.

People who influence me in my life and my work:

William Eggleston, Herbert List, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Arnold Newman, Sebastiao Salgado, Joyce Tenneson, Joel Meyerowitz, Annie Griffiths-Belt, Martin Parr, Edward Burtynski,  Duncan Slade & Gayle Fraas, David Labrozzi, Chuck Close, Mark Rothko, Joesf Albers, William Wegman, Abelardo Morell, Seth Godin.

Stock photography + video represented by:


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