Dogs: Chester the Chessy

One happy pup.

I found myself up in Maine for the holidays this year. It snowed the day after I arrived. The holidays just aren’t the same without snow. And family. I’d like to introduce you to the newest member: Chester. Chester the Chessy. What can I say, he was adopted with that name. This guy is about 4, bounced around rescues all over the east coast and finally ended up in our family. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t a purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever, he was the only one that didn’t bark.  He knows he’s a lucky one. And he loves to play fetch anytime you want. What a good boy.


The only thing he is serious about. Fetch.

Chester is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Lab mix.

He loves the snow.

Fetch + snow = heaven

happy boy.


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Chester is a rescue dog. The above link is to the Chesapeake Safe Harbor Rescue in Bremen, Maine, near Thomaston. He was a true find!!

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