Destination: Iceberg Alley, Newfoundland

Alluring and majestic, the iceberg has been on my photographer bucket list for a long time. Over the years, I’ve been inspired by hauntingly beautiful images from friends and colleagues of these frozen sculptures of the sea. This summer, I had the opportunity to see their grandeur for myself while traveling through Newfoundland’s northern peninsula.

Admittedly, our timing wasn’t perfect. Our trip to Newfoundland was scheduled for late July which is considered the far end of the season in Iceberg Alley. We booked a boat tour anyway and hoped for the best, figuring at least we’d see a few whales…

One of 5 Humpbacks we saw along the journey – none of them gave us a “tail shot” but they were still pretty cool.


After a while we came around a cove and there it was. The guide said this iceberg floated down from Greenland’s glacier and was most likely made up of 1,000 year old ice. It measured 50 feet high by several hundred feet wide, and we could only see 10% of it above water. So….it was BIG. And beautiful. And blue.

People were happy.

While we were gawking at it, a huge chunk fell off into the water. The sound was thunderous but luckily the impact only made medium sized waves.


While this experience was absolutely wonderful, it was just enough to wet my palette. I’d like to go back in the springtime when I would have more time and the area is full of them. Then trek to Greenland to see their source before it all melts away into the deep blue water.

Who’s with me?





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