Mexican Riviera: Tulum

The Mayan Ruins at Tulum

The following photos are from the fascinating Mayan archaeological site in Tulum, Mexico. The Mayan people were simply brilliant at creating calendars based on the movement of the sun, moon and stars. What’s amazing is that they did it 2500 years ago using rocks. They also picked a beautiful spot overlooking the turquoise sea to build their village. If you ever go to Tulum, or any of the Mayan sites, get a guide to show you around.

Our awesome guide at Tulum

Danza de los Voladores: Dance of the Flyers. A traditional ceremony involving 5 men; 4 spinning upside-down and 1 playing music at the top.

One of many Temples on the site. (Check out how the clouds mimic the architecture!)

A view of the beach below the archeology site.

Tourists looking out at the sea from the top of the cliffs at Tulum


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Sue Loved them all, but found the first one awe-inspiring!

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