My Maine Top 10 ~ #3 Maine Lakes

Series Introduction:  After years of giving recommendations to friends visiting my home state of Maine, I decided to spend a little time compiling my favorites here. My Top 10. Some places are directly on the beaten path, others are not. I try to include something for every traveller but if you’re going to Maine, expect a lot of the great outdoors. If you must shop, do it at local stores and support Maine’s eclectic entrepreneurs.

I love Maine and the people who live there. All of the places I’m listing in the Top 10 I would recommend to my friends and family. If you have additional recommendations, please leave a note in the comments. I’d love to share as much of this great state as possible. Cheers! ~ Hannele


#10: Moosehead Lake Region (previously blogged)

#9: The Southern Beaches: Kennebunk & Ogunquit (previously blogged)

#8: Baxter State Park (previously blogged)

# 7 Reid State Park (previously blogged)

# 6 Portland (previously blogged)

#5 The Mountains (previously blogged)

#4 The Mid-Coast Region (previously blogged)

They are hard to narrow down but I’m going to try: #3 The Maine Lakes

There are about 6,000 lakes and ponds in the state of Maine according to the fact sheet. One of those, Lake Wesserunsett (try saying that 3 times fast) is the lake I call home. It would be a giant understatement if I said growing up on a lake was nice. In fact, it has shaped who I am and impacted the way I relate to and appreciate the natural world. Some of my fondest memories as a child were sitting lakeside with my grandfather watching the water and listening to his stories. Little Lake Wesserunsett will always have a special place in my heart.


Lake Wesserunsett, East Madison, Maine


Now that leaves 5,999 other lakes and ponds for you to explore!

Many of lakes and ponds offer rental cabins (or cottages) for people wishing to enjoy the quiet side of Maine. Plus, lake water is much warmer than ocean water in Maine so if you like to swim, plan on visiting a lake. Summer is probably the busiest season but there are things to do all year round. Winter can be fun for those interested in ice fishing, snowshoeing/skiing, snowmobiling or if the conditions are right and you’re brave, ice boating. Fall is great for enjoying the kaleidoscope of colors along the water. Spring, otherwise known as mud-season in Maine, is good for watching the birds (the loons!) return to the lakes for nesting.

No matter the season, a visit to a Maine lake or pond is good for the soul.


A quiet summer morning on the lake

Channel markers help lead boaters through shallow waters on most lakes and ponds in Maine

Same spot as above in late fall

In winter, ice fishing shacks dot the lake landscapes

Winters with limited snow, cold temperatures and high winds are perfect for ice boating. Bundle up and don’t forget your helmet!

Snowmobile tracks often crisscross lakes in winter


Do you have a favorite lake or pond in Maine? Please share it in the comments section!

Disclaimer: The recommendations I give in this post are personal, I’m not receiving any kick back from mentioning them. 


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