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Last summer I began a project with Somerset Woods Trustees, a land conservation non-profit, in central Maine. It involved creating a still image library of their protected properties and an informational video to use in their future marketing campaigns. I recently completed the video component and wanted to share it with you. Producing video for the web has become a larger part of my business recently. While I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to expand into this unchartered territory (for me), I have to say I’m finding a lot of joy creating this work. It’s really challenging but I’m excited by the creative problem solving and possibilities it gives me. Essentially it’s just a different way to tell a story.

Eddy Island, Skowhegan, Maine

Over the years I’ve learned that I need to be challenged creatively on a regular basis or I stagnate, become bored and eventually burnout. Doing projects that are new and difficult energize me. The struggles, mistakes and successes all play a major role in my creative development and keep me moving forward. This video challenged me in many ways, the biggest being that I produced and edited it on my own. There were so many directions we could have gone in the 4-minute piece – I had almost 2 hours of interviews covering all aspects of the organization and conservation in Maine. Ultimately, I decided to stick to the ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’, and ‘why it’s important’ theme that makes up a basic business proposal since this video is slated for their website homepage.

To view a selection of still photographs from the project, click an image above or click here.

The finished video can be viewed here: Conserving Maine

Conserving Maine Video

I learned a lot about land conservation on a local scale and was inspired by the proactive and pragmatic approach Somerset Woods Trustees is taking in central Maine. Thank you to Bill Townsend, Jack Gibson, David Labrozzi, Nina Pleasants and the Somerset Woods Board of Directors for helping to make this project possible.



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