Photo A Day: June 3-7

The landscape photograph. Some people think it’s the easiest subject to shoot, others think it’s the hardest. The hardest because so much has been done before, so much as already been seen. The easiest possibly for the same reasons, there are so many “greats” to look at for inspiration. Personally, it’s my favorite subject to shoot, whether it’s easy or hard, doesn’t really matter to me.

My goal is to go out there and capture the landscape’s essence. What it’s like to live and breathe it. It doesn’t matter what equipment I use or what settings I choose, what matters in the end is if you and I feel something when we look at it.


June 3: Manassas Battlefield Park, Virginia

June 4: Atlantic Ocean, Chincoteague, VA

June 5: St. John, US Virgin Islands

June 6: Cabot Strait, Canada

June 7: Manassas Battlefield Park, VA

All of these images will be available as Photo A Day prints on my website for the next 4 weeks. Click on the image to go directly to the site.

For the tech junkies, you know who you are, all of these images were captured with a small, highly intelligent device that is usually found in my pocket. It answers emails and phone calls as well. :)


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