Travel 6: Amazon River, Brazil

Young family fishing with nets in a channel outside Parintins, Brazil

Once we left the Atlantic behind, we spent 3 days making our way to Manaus in the central Amazonas. We stopped in the port cities of Santarém and Parintins to take smaller boats into the narrow channels feeding the river. A wide variety of birds, iguanas and pink river dolphins greeted us daily along the river. To see the mammals, we would have had to go deeper into the forest which time did not allow, unfortunately. I guess that means I’ll just have to go back!

It was the dry season so the exposed riverbanks showed off the light colored soil. One might think the soil in the Amazon Rainforest would be nutrient-rich and dark in color due to the intense amount of vegetation but it is not so. Due to hundreds of millions of years of erosion, the soil is thin, crumbly and almost white. Studies are underway to understand how native peoples utilized the soils to produce crops over thousands of years. If you’re curious about this, there’s an interesting article from The Atlantic this month based on a report in Science. The gritty details are fascinating…get it…gritty? Yeah, I know but I couldn’t resist…let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

North channel, Amazon river, Brazil

Great White Egret near Santarém.

Piranha fishing near Santarém

Fisherman, Santarém, Brazil

The colorful and bustling port city of Santarém, Brazil

The last installment from my Norway – Brazil adventure leads us further into the jungle…stay tuned.



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