Travel 6: Cape Verde

As we made our way from the western coast of Europe and Africa onboard MS Fram last fall, we landed on the island of Santiago, one of ten islands making up Cape Verde. We had been at sea for 4 days so having solid land under my feet was a treat.

The Cape Verde islands were colonized by the Portuguese in the 1400’s as merchant ships began their expansion westward. Due to it’s proximity between Africa and the Americas, it was an active port during the slave trade, of which the Portuguese were the first engage in as early as 1526. This has influenced the cultural makeup of the islands, with a majority of the current population being creole, a mix of African and European heritage. The Portuguese controlled the islands until 1975 when they were granted independence. Since then they have established a stable democratic government, are ranked second in Africa for education and are developing a solid tourism industry.

When we arrived at the busy docks in Praia, I was ready to make the most of my day on the island. I headed inland to São Domingos for my nature fix before exploring the country’s capital city, Praia. It is indeed a fascinating place with dramatic scenery, friendly people and colorful heritage.

Travel 6 is a new theme on the blog where I share 6 images from places near and far. Yes, there are 7 images for this post but I couldn’t bear cutting the street art or food :)





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