Travel 6: Meeting the Amazon River

One of my favorite experiences from my journey last fall was meeting the Amazon River approximately 100 miles out to sea. I had heard the currents of the river are strong enough to push up to 200 miles into the Atlantic during the wet season but witnessing it was something I’ll never forget. Surreal to say the least.

Eventually the river’s sediments took over and it looked like the image above for the remainder of the trip.

Here’s where each of those images were made:

As we entered the river basin, we sailed through currents of dumped crude oil. Yes, amidst this amazing ecosystem of mixing sediments, oil sludge was (most likely) intentionally dumped. Upon doing some research, I found that this is still fairly commonplace even though it is illegal. Seeing it firsthand broke my heart. If you’d like to learn more about this and what is being done about it, check out the Marine Defenders page.

Crude oil in the Amazon river basin

Once we crossed into the north channel of the river, the rainforest came into view. The next post will feature images from our days traveling up the river to our final destination, Manaus.



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