Travel: Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge

Marketing. Estimates. Budgeting. Contracts. Social Media. Editing. Retouching. File Preparation. Meetings. E-Mail. Deadlines.

Where do photographers find the time to do what they love to do? You know, make pictures. It’s very easy to make them when someone is paying you to do so. But between all of the tasks I listed above, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to go out and photograph. At least it is for me lately.

Last week, I “treated” myself to 3 days of shooting for me. I hadn’t visited the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge before so I packed up the car with my camera and bicycle to do some exploring. When I got there and realized  the place was relatively empty of tourists but full of middle aged men carrying around 20lb, 600mm+ lenses, I felt I might have under-packed. Or not. I reminded myself that I’m not a wildlife photographer (or a lawyer with unlimited photo budget), and was able to happily ride along on my bike looking for my photos. The photos I wanted to make.

It seems to me, spending time by yourself doing what you love is a great way to grow as an artist + photographer + person.

Photographers: What do you photograph when the subject is totally up to you? How do you make time in your schedule to make this work?


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Becky A place I’ve always wanted to visit. Thanks for taking me there – visually. ;)

Liz Lovely images!

Lois Very pretty – looks like a great place to check out. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila Dellarma Very nice Hannele, I admire the fact that you had an idea and packed up and made it happen, way to go girl :).
Keep shooting

Sue Great additions to your water project, even if there are birds and people in some shots. Love them. Looks peaceful.

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